Friday, 6 April 2007

Sun setting on a great holiday

Today marks the end of my holiday and the start of work again.

It's been great to have a whole nine days off in a row.

As previous posts in my blog indicate, the main reason for this break was because Jacob was arriving. He's now safely settled into his new place, completed his work training and will be fronting his first five classes later this afternoon.

Work is pretty good really. There isn't much stress. It's all well organised, everyone knows what they're doing (mostly).

I think it'd just be nice to be kind of retired - everyday a Sunday type thing.

I've just realised it's Good Friday too. Easter is something that Japan miss off the schedule completely. They don't even attempt to milk its' commercial value like they do for Christmas and Valentines. Easter isn't even in their vocabulary. Can't even buy chocolate eggs!

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