Sunday, 16 September 2007

Disney On Ice

Today I had the day off work and saw the Disney On Ice 100 Years of Magic show at Saitama Super Arena which is not far from home.

It was a really super show. I bought a ticket in the expensive seats thinking that would be the best place to avoid all the great unwashed children, but I was a bit mis-guided in that thinking (wonder why?). There were kids seated in the low and high rent seats. Nevermind, they were pretty well behaved. There was about 15-20,000 seats.

The show went for near-on two hours and it was action packed with all the usual Disney characters but unlike I have seen before they were moving around on a ice skating rink! Pretty cool I thought.

There are seven different shows touring the world at any one time so I must keep an eye out for it in other places around the globe.

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