Friday, 30 March 2007

Food! Food! Fantastic Food!

It's official. I think I'm getting a real taste for Chinese food. Although I'm not exactly living in China, Japanese folks serve up a lot of food with a Chinese origin. What's more is that you can easily procure Chinese food at a convenience store.

Jacob and I, on the occasion of a belated birthday outing for myself, visited a renewed Chinese restaurant on the 12th floor of Times Square in Shinjuku. This was a great chance for us to indulge in some of the fine Chinese delicacies I have come to enjoy.

One such thing is gyoza (as pictured) which is a dumpling style thing which you dip in soy sauce. It's simply devine. I could order plate fulls of them. We ordered a steamer with six of them and enjoyed every one of them all the same. We also had the most devine steamed bun things (the official name I am not sure of) stuffed with a pork mix. We finished off with a generous helping of rice that had egg mixed through.

I suppose, if it was more carefully analysed, the Chinese things which I've developed a love for are only a small sample of the wide range of Chinese cuisine available. There are probably many things that I wouldn't even consider sampling, but what I've tried so far I've become quite addicted to.

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