Saturday, 24 March 2007

People as a commodity

Over at The Engaging Brand blog, Anna Famery for whom I admire most for her commercial wisdom and infotaining podcasts, has made some very interesting comments about a saying I hate...
"People are our most important asset"

Aagghhhh I hate this phrase with a passion - usually because the people who use it don't believe it. The good leaders don't even have to say it because people feel it. But I have realized why I hate it. The flaw is that you own assets and you don't own people. They are leasing their career to you, they are offering their talent but they can take it away as easily. I prefer the phrase "Our people are our competitive advantage."

Too bloody right Anna. How many times have I heard a CEO use the above cliche.

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Anna said...

Hey glad to find a like-minded person! People are the business, they are the ones who create the profit...if you need to say they are important then I feel there is a deeper problem. People should feel the importance not hear it!
Thanks for the shout out
Anna Farmery