Friday, 13 April 2007

Ben McLean

I was shocked to read the news of an old school friend, Ben McLean, who was seriously injured in a speedway accident on Good Friday near Napier. Picture here is from the media and I understand if you look closely enough it is the actual accident taking place.

Ben and I were very good friends at Gisborne Intermediate but since then we went our separate ways and I didn't know anything about what he'd done since then. We'd gone to different high schools then I moved cities etc.

Shocking that the first time you hear about him again is in a graphic news article online which described details of his serious injuries and prognosis.

He's apparently popped a vertebrae which has severed his spinal cord. Prognosis is a 10% chance he will walk again, which means if you turn that around there is a 90% chance he won't walk again! Apparently he's got broken bones and he's lying in intensive care in Christchurch (assumable at Burwood Spinal Centre) after being flown out of Hawke's Bay Regional Hospital over the weekend.

It's been so long since we were in touch so today I've penned a wee message off to his mum and requested that she pass it on to him once he is well enough.

Learnt in the media too that he was married 16 months ago and was in the process of purchasing his first house. Good old media aye - all the details in the public domain.

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