Thursday, 12 April 2007

Silly foriegner in our restaurant

Tonight I had one of only a few examples of service in Japan which I could fault. Now I've been here nearly a year and the service has been impeccable largely, until tonight when I was laughed at.

Now this bad service wasn't done to me directly but I don't think the staff at Denny's Family Restaurant knew that I knew what they were up to.

Tonight I ordered a serving of gyoza and Chinese noodles. Usually you get served soy sauce to dip the gyoza but tonight they didn't bring any. The noodles come served in a huge bowl but the bowel is full of a stock like liquid. I hate noodles submerged in juice. Anyway I requested another bowel. I was observed tipping the water out of the noodles into the other bowel which they thought was funny and there was a couple of kitchen staff at the kitchen door having a good giggle to themselves.

I then got the waitress over and requested the said omitted soy sauce. I could gather from what was said amongst the gathered staff in Japanese (for which I speak very little but can gauge the drift of some sentences) that they were basically saying "what the hell is he going to do with the soy sauce." I'd already beached their noodle creation so maybe I was going to drown it in soy. Anyway the waiting and kitchen staff all sort of hung around and watched wondering what I was going to do. I was so tempted to order a bottle of ketchup because ketchup and Chinese noodles (much like the Maggi 2 minute variety back home) are tasty with lashings of tomato sauce! But I didn't on this occasion.

I go to Denny's often because it's next to my house, nutritious and cheap. I'm on a mission to go back there and butcher their food to my tasting, annihilate it with tomato sauce, separate the solids from the juices and leave a knife upright in the butter just to give the staff a thrill at the habits of the foreign community.

I hate being watched and giggled about!


Biankah Bailey said...

Awww... :)

Chickie said...

Yeah but you're such a fussy eater I would laugh at you too

jeronamo1 said...

When one has the freedom to be fussy and choose how he can handle and consume his food it is important that he excercises this right.