Friday, 20 April 2007

Life and times amongst Web 2.0

The Web 2.0 phenomenon is an important thing to be part of. Web 2.0 is a term coined to describe the second and latest generation of internet communications which include blogs, social networking sites and podcasts.

I'm trying really hard this year to keep on the bandwagon. It's so easy to get left behind. I have a list of blogs and news sites I check into nearly everyday, some of which you can see down the left side of this page. I subscribe through iTunes to a number of podcasts which provide education and entertainment. I'm also a subscriber to a couple of social networking sites, most notably Bebo as that seems to be the most famous in New Zealand right now.

This blog is part of my Web 2.0 efforts in 2007. Whilst I really only have personal news to post these days, I would love to create a web presence one day which will attract a lot of attention and maybe provide some sort of income, or at least boost an existing one.

I have a mission to encourage my aged grandparents to at least become 'Web 2.0 watchers'. Firstly just to get them to keep an eye on my blog isn't easy, but secondly, my granddad is an avid reader of politics and opinion in major New Zealand daily newspapers. I am convinced if he discovers the full potential of the blogisphere he will enjoy many hours keeping in touch with a whole new perspective on the world. It's hard to teach and encourage with me living in another part of the world.

But whilst I am on the subject, what has really inspired me to become interested in Web 2.0 is an English woman by the name of Anna Farmery who has a blog called The Engaging Brand. The said blog is just one of many she passionately maintains. My favourite thing she does though is a regular podcasts which I download onto my iPod and listen to whilst riding the busy Tokyo trains.

I'm not certain of Anna's background as her personal profile is a bit vague, but she seems to know quite a lot about heaps of things or at least knows where to find it. Hardly a day goes by where she doesn't post something which gets me thinking. I like her material too because it's pretty original. Just in the last few days she came up with a whole lot of stuff which was inspired from a junk sale she'd been too. Not a trace of academic management gibberish which I'm used to.

Anna's real, experienced, to the point and delivers variety. She's the sort of woman I'd like to reserve a table with at Starbucks on a rainy afternoon to listening and learn about her experiences. I'd recommend her site, blog and podcasts to anyone.

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MabelandHarry said...

Hey thank you so much for the kind words, can you see me blushing? I have updated my profile based on some feedback but by trade I am a chartered accoutant but have been a Group Finance and HR Director for the last 10 years. The role taught me that the profit and loss is an output, people create the value. To improve the bottom line you have to invest in the people not only with money but more importantly with time. I would love to have a coffee...will you send me an air ticket in the post!