Saturday, 21 April 2007

President Bill Clinton

From time to time Bill drops me an email to let me know what he and his charity, The Clinton Foundation, are up to. I really love the emails because they seem so personal. My inbox comes up with President Bill Clinton and in the email he uses my name. Makes me feel quite special, because after all Bill and I go back a long time, lol.

Anyway, as a background: I've always been very fond of Bill and Hillary and have become even fonder after reading his book, My Life, and observing him in his charitable role through his foundation. Last year I became even more interested during the Clinton Global Initiative (CGI) conference in September. You can click on the hyperlink to learn more details but by and large it's the charities annual convention. The reason for Bill's most recent email was for the CGI mid-year meeting.

President Clinton is one of a handful of role models who I am passionate about. Bills not perfect but he opens his book My Life by saying that he is not as good as his biggest fans make out but he's also not as bad as his harshest critics say. I don't have his book on hand to make a direct quote, but I admire its' message a lot.

It's Bill's persona that really gets me every time. He's a big man and has a magic way of conveying a message using his hands. His facial expression and signs of emotion are magic too - he can be a picture of strength in one moment and a passionate hearty man in the next. He can talk for hours and I'm glued to the whole thing. There isn't that many people that can capture me like that.

I would love to visit the Clinton Presidential Centre in Little Rock, Arkansas. It looks like a pretty magic facility which I think I would feel at home in for hours. I note in recent time there is an online gift store with Clinton merchandise so maybe I'll treat myself soon.

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