Friday, 27 July 2007

Hiroshima to Tokyo

Jacob was enthusiastic to visit another UNESCO World Heritage Site in Hiroshima but I wasn't so convinced so we did our own things. I returned back to the Peace Museum and continued to go over the material which I had missed out on the day before. I took a tonne of pictures.

I also visited The Hall of Remembrance in the Peace Park which you can read more about by
clicking here. This was a pretty moving experience.

Jacob and I met at Hiroshima Station at 12.30 sharp and headed on a short train journey to the
Mazda factory. Mazda occupy a sub-city in coastal Hiroshima where they have their global headquarters and major factory. The tour was amazing and I learnt and saw so much but unfortunately no pictures were allowed. I am now wanting to visit the Toyota factory as that is apparently the supreme of all car plants. ZOOM ZOOM ZOOM - click YouTube Video for more...

Following the Mazda tour we caught the Nozomi Superexpress Shinkansen Service back to Tokyo. We covered near-on 1,000 km in 4 hours and 3 minutes.


riki said...

sibkgviThe nuking of Japan was a completely rascist decision.

America can't stand culture and what looks different to them, hence US atrocities in Iraq

Hence Indian genocide

Bush has threatened mushroom clouds over Iran because the US will always threaten non white nations.

Hence Vietnam, Korea, etc, etc.

Both Communist states that never invaded their democratic southern neighbours as the US boasted they would and proved both US invasions were completely unwarranted and fascist.

Cole Cameron said...

Thanks for your comments Riki. It is always good to hear from different people. It is a shame that America seem to have had so much involvement in recent time conflicts around the world, but we must always take into consideration the fact of how it appears to the public eye. What we see and hear on the news and the reasons they make public for all of their action are not always the full picture. In most cases it would not be in the national or global interest for leaders like Bush to tell the full and real story about why America take the action that they do.