Thursday, 26 July 2007

Kyoto to Hiroshima

Jacob had a few more places of significance he wanted to visit but I was a bit over temples, shrines and UNESCO World Heritage Sites so I headed off to Umekoji Steam Locomotive Museum. The museum was really interesting. Many steam engines all housed in one of those round railway buildings with the turntable out front. I even went for a short ride on a steam train.

Near noon Jacob and I meet back at the hotel and boarded the Nozomi Superexpress Shinkansen Service bound for Hiroshima. We travelled again about 500 km in about 2 hours. We arrived in Hiroshima around 2.30 PM. We checked into the New Hiroden Hotel near Hiroshima Station.

Our major mission in Hiroshima was to visit the A-Bomb Dome and the Hiroshima Peace Memorial Park. We promptly got on our way using the Street Car service that covers the city. The A-Bomb Dome was simply amazing. I'd seen pictures before and read about it but it was more interesting that the books and pictures. It was a truly remarkable structure in so many ways. It had a very interesting feeling about it too.

As it was getting later in the day we had to be somewhat efficient and make our way through the Hiroshima Peace Memorial Park to the Peace Museum before it closed. We spent about an hour and a half in the museum before closing time. The museum was an amazing place. I'm never usually much fussed about reading all the material in a museum and studying the displays in detail but this museum was an exception. The atomic bomb disaster was a very interesting thing to learn so much about. I strongly recommend the museum to everyone.

75,000 people are buried beneath this small mound of soil.

Once we were outside the museum we walked through the Peace Park again and took the Street Car service back to the hotel. As our stay at the museum was cut short by closing time I was determined to return in the morning to study the entire museum.

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